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James Wright Chanel & Tamar Respond to Chrisean Rock's Alleged Assault of James at Tamar's Show

James Wright Chanel & Chrisean Rock. Photos/Instagram

Tamar Braxton's background singer, James Wright Chanel, talked about the injuries he sustained when Chrisean Rock allegedly attacked him at Tamar Braxton's concert last week. Vibe reports, "A member of Braxton's team, Le Troy Davis said "Rock, came to the venue "drunk, with 1,000 people, smelling like weed." Davis detailed that Rock got into some sort of argument with Wright-Chanel backstage about not performing and then struck the singer in his face, leaving him bloody with a chipped tooth. He reportedly had to seek medical attention to stop the bleeding. According to Vibe, Davis gave another explanation in a now-deleted Instagram post: "I just want to let yall know that, that girl Chrisean yall keep hyping up assaulted James Wright Chanel at Tamar's concert tonight. James is in the hospital. I swear I will do everything to make sure she goes to prison. She is trash, and that's why her life is the way that it is. She deserves every bad thing that happens to her."

During a live video, James explained the following while at a dentist appointment, "Yes, this happened to me, and everybody keeps asking what's the reason? This happened to me for no reason. I was attacked for no reason! They keep telling me not to get on live, but no!... I'm at the dentist. I have to get my teeth fixed, my teeth have to be fixed, and that's what's happening right now!... So don't get online saying what didn't happen. And no, I'm not going to show my face. My face is beat. If you guys see my face, you'd be pissed off! My face is-it's tore up! (See the video below)

Tamar also took to Instagram to respond to the incident. Tamar confirmed that Rock indeed hit James, "He got assaulted at my show, and it was by Chrisean." Despite Chrisean's horrible reputation, the singer also explained her reasons for allowing the reality show star to be a part of the show, "Chrisean is someone I look at like, from afar, a younger sister," Tamar continued. "She was somebody I wanted to meet, to possibly take under my wing." She also shared that she felt connected to Rock as they're both from Maryland.

At this time, it's unclear if Chrisean will face legal action. She has reportedly deleted all of her social media accounts. This story is still developing; to follow this story and other news, click the link to become a Volume 82 site member.

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Natalie Montgomery
17. Nov. 2023

She could go to jail this time

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