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James Prince Calls Out Wack 100 on Instagram About Issues Regarding a Larry Hoover Interview

Rap-A-Lot Records CEO James Prince has called out entertainment manager Wack 100 for being in collusion with a woman named Karen Chapman to obtain the rights to Larry Hoover's life story unlawfully.

In an audio clip that he shared via Instagram, Prince claimed that Karen allegedly agreed to interview Larry and turn over the interview footage to his family after its completion. However, she reportedly has yet to provide the family with the footage. Karen also allegedly said that Larry signed over his rights to her. James contends that this is not true. Hoover's story as the former Gangster Disciples gang leader is highly sought-after. Prince stated that Wack 100 is directly involved with this situation.

James is a long-time friend and advocate for the Hoover family and has assisted in trying to get Larry's life sentence overturned for years now.

Photo Credit: James Prince (Instagram)-James Prince, Winndye Hoover, and Larry Hoover Jr. pictured above.


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