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Iowa Teen Kills 6th Grader & Wounds Five Others After Posting on TikTok

Dylan Butler/TicTok

A 17-year-old student, Dylan Butler, opened fire at Perry High School Thursday morning in Perry, Iowa, killing a sixth-grader at the connecting middle school, before turning his gun on himself. The shooter reportedly wounded the principal and four other students during the attack.

Students reported that the principal, Dan Marburger, tried to de-escalate the situation and help as many students get to safety as possible. According to The Des Moines Register, the gunmen had "come to school that morning armed with a pump action shotgun, a small-caliber handgun and a rudimentary explosive device." "He posted a selfie in a bathroom stall just before the rampage, writing in the caption, "Now we wait." Dylan also reportedly shared a video on social media, which used the song "Stray Bullet" before shooting up the school—the TikTok account has reportedly been disabled. 

It's rumored that the 17-year-old was transgender, was being bullied, and suffered from mental health issues before the incident. Newsweek claims that the teen was posting on a transgender forum on Reddit under the username "Dylanpickle1996." 

According to Education Week, This is the second school shooting in America during 2024. EW confirmed, "There have been 183 such shootings since 2018. There were 37 school shootings with injuries or deaths last year."

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