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Houston Man Who Posed as a Child To Lure & Kill Pedophile Charged With Felony Murder

James Spencer. Photo/Houston Police Department

A Texas man, James Spencer III, reportedly posed online as a minor and communicated with convicted child predator Connery Showers via the app Kik before killing him. According to multiple news sources, after several online conversations, the two met on Northwood St. in Houston in May of 2023, and Spencer shot and killed the 37-year-old—Showers' remains were found in a nearby ditch.

Connery Showers. Photo/Houston Police

After months of investigation, Houston authorities recently arrested the 24-year-old for first-degree felony murder. According to The New York Post, sources close to the Spencer claimed he felt that law enforcement didn't do enough to keep sexual predators of children locked up. "(A) third party states (Spencer) told them he believed police were not doing enough to keep pedophiles incarcerated and (Spencer) wanted to rob and harm those type of men because they would do bad things to little children and other people and he knew how to track them by an app on the phone," his bail order, obtained by KTRK read. "A month later, defendant made the same comment that 'if the cops were not going to do anything, maybe he should kill them himself," per TNYP.

The Houston man was reportedly able to get Showers to admit to committing different sexual crimes against minors while speaking to him via Kik. Showers served a prison sentence for child pornography possession and failing to register as a sex offender but reportedly didn't serve time for some of the other crimes he admitted to.

At this time, there is no proof that Spencer specifically targeted him. TNYP reports that the Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force arrested the vigilante on Wednesday. He is currently being held on a $25,000 bond at the Harris County Jail on the first-degree felony murder charge, according to jail records. The district attorney's office filed a motion to have him held without bond, citing that he was previously out on bond for possession of a controlled substance charge in Brazoria County, according to KTRK

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