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Hip-Hop Mourns Trugoy the Dove from De La Soul

David Jolicoeur, artistically known as Trugoy the Dove from the legendary rap group De La Soul, reportedly passed away. He was 54. His cause of death is not confirmed, but he mentioned that he suffered from congestive heart failure in recent years.

The Grammy Award-winning group, including Maseo and Posduos, is well-known for their song "Me, Myself and I," as well as many more hits from the '90s. They were members of the hip-hop sect Native Tongues Posse, which included other eclectic rap groups, such as Black Sheep and A Tribe Called Quest. In 2006, they collaborated with Gorillaz on the song "Feel Good Inc," which won a Grammy. The east coast hip-hop trio are six-time Grammy-nominated artists.

Job well done, Trugoy the Dove. We salute you.

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