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Hailey (Autumn Night) Our Favorite Antagonist Will Not Be On 'P-Valley' Next Season

Elarica Johnson confirmed that she won't be on P-Valley next season. For two seasons, the actress played the role of Hailey Colton, aka Autumn Night, a troubled woman who showed up in Chucalissa, Mississippi, while running from her dark past.

After Uncle Clifford, the owner of The Pink, Chucalissa's strip club, allowed her to dance and earn money, Autumn Night proved to be a significant liability to the club and its workers. By the end of season two, Hailey's relationship with her counterparts at the club had soured entirely for various reasons, including a murder cover-up.

Elarica did an excellent job of showing the duality in her character; a light-skinned conniving grifter who was grieving the loss of her child, yet was capable of showing compassion to others.

Hailey's exit from the show shocked fans, as her character brought a different level of excitement. Elarika explained to Entertainment Weekly magazine that it was her choice to leave the show. She felt her character accomplished all she could on the hit series.

If you haven't watched this season on Starz, tune in!

Photo Credit: Elarika Johnson via Instagram


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