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Four Officers Now Face Federal Charges in Breonna Taylor's 2020 Death

Four (current and former) officers involved in the 2020 shooting death of 26-year-old Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky: Joshua Jaynes, Kelly Goodlett, Kyle Meany, and Brett Hankison, now face federal charges. According to CNN, they were charged with submitting a false affidavit to obtain a search, unlawful conspiracies, civil rights violations, unconstitutional use of force, and obstruction of justice.

he Breonna Taylor was a former emergency room technician in bed with her boyfriend when local authorities illegally raided her apartment. Reports later stated that the search warrant was not for her then-current boyfriend, Kenneth Walker. The warrant listed her ex-boyfriend's name, Jamarcus Glover, even though Breonna's home was not his public address and he didn't reside there.

Louisville Police failed to announce themselves before breaking her apartment door with a battering ram. Taylor's boyfriend feared for their safety and shot one of the officers. Then, an officer fired multiple shots into the home, striking Taylor five times and killing her. Her family is outraged that none of the officers had been held accountable for her death. Kentucky's Attorney General, Daniel Cameron, justified the shooting of Breonna because Kenneth Walker fired his gun first.

Her mother, Tamika Palmer, and attorney Ben Crump urged the Department of Justice to get involved after the grand jury failed to indict the officers. Taylor's mother has received a $12-million-dollar settlement from the city of Louisville.

(Officers Involved-Joshua Jaynes, Kelly Hanna Goodlett, Brett Hankinson, and Kyle Meany)

Photo Credits: Google Images and Taylor Initiative via Instagram



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