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Five Professional Women Sue Hulu to Block The Release of the 'Freaknik' Documentary

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Five professional women in Atlanta have reportedly hired lawyers to block the release of the documentary Freaknik: The Wildest Party Never Told. Freaknik started as a picnic that Atlanta's historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) put together as a spring break festival during the '80s. During the '90s, it became an uber-popular event that drew a nationwide crowd of hundreds of thousands of attendees to experience a week's worth of excessive partying, including basketball tournaments, music concerts, fraternity and sorority turnouts, and Atlanta's nightlife scene. Yet, Freaknik became known as a hub for x-rated entertainment, promiscuous behavior, and even sexual violence. Atlanta reportedly stopped the event in 1999 because crime, chaos, and an overabundance of travelers started to take a toll on the city.

1997 Freaknik Attendees. Buzzfeed News/Jean Shifrin/AP

Entertainment industry veterans Jermaine Dupri, an Atlanta native, and Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell joined forces with Hulu to provide the first-time documentation of this kind regarding the event. This film will likely produce nostalgia for those who lived the experience and excite viewers who've heard the stories about the epic experiences at Freaknik. Still, some past attendees are reportedly not enthused about how they will be portrayed in the movie.

Allegedly, five women in the Atlanta area who are well-established in their careers as a politician, corporate executives, and a judge plan to file a federal lawsuit to stop the film's release, as they never signed media releases to authorize Hulu to use their likenesses. According to Newsone, one of the concerned parties earns more than one million dollars annually and is worried that the film will damage her professional reputation. She has reportedly viewed clips of the production and feels it captures her in a negative light. Freaknik is scheduled to debut in April of 2024.

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