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  • Kamilah Stevens

Fans Say Goodbye To 'Claws' After 4 Seasons

After four seasons, Claws concluded with a very twisted, exciting, and unpredictable ending!

Niecy Nash held her own as the show's queen villain and nail salon owner, Desna Simms. Her fellow castmates Karrueche Tran, Judy Reyes, Jenn Lyon, and Carrie Preston didn't half step in their roles as villains either.

While Desna tried to keep the salon afloat, she continuously welcomed in a world of trouble, crime, and murder while endangering the lives of herself and her staff along the way.

After Desna finally eliminated her longtime threat, Uncle Daddy, their crew faked their deaths and pulled off a genius exit plan to leave Palmetto, Florida.

Farewell to a great cast and an exciting show!

Photo Credit: TNT



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