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Drake & 21 Savage Are Being Sued by 'Vogue' Magazine for Trademark Infringement

Drake and 21 Savage are reportedly being sued by Vogue magazine for trademark infringement. When promoting their joint album, Her Loss, they put themselves on a fake Vogue cover as if they were on the magazine. Vogue's publisher, Conde' Nast, got wind of the situation and filed a suit against the two entertainers.

The publisher reportedly seeks at least $4 million in damages plus substantial revenue from album sales. The album got over $400K in sales in its first week. Her Loss also had an exceptional week of streaming, with a total of 514 million clicks on all streaming platforms. The album has also debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 Chart since its November release.

Stay tuned for updates.

Photo Credits: Getty Images and Google Images



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