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Can Mo'Nique & D.L. Hughley Make It Past Their Industry Feud?

A feud has erupted between the former king and queen of comedy, D.L. Hughley, and Mo'Nique. Both comedians have aired out their concerns via social media regarding a dispute over contracts as the show's headliner for a recent tour they performed together. Both entertainers maintained that they were contractually selected to headline the show.

A video clip from Mo'Nique's recent performance in Detroit where she scathed D.L. regarding this incident surfaced online. In the clip, she said D.L. grew angry and said he would not perform unless he could close the show, so the promoters changed the lineup.

Both parties took to social media to express themselves and share their contracts as proof of their claims. Mo'Nique's career is bouncing back from what some may call blackballing. During this period, she faced much opposition from Netflix and other creatives in the entertainment industry.

We hope these two icons can somehow work it out!

Photo Credits: Instagram & Getty Images


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