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Blac Chyna Is Reversing Her Cosmetic Surgery Procedures: "We Have One Body, Y'all"

Photo/Blac Chyna (Instagram)

Blac Chyna is sharing her journey about reversing her cosmetic procedures: face fillers, injections, and implants. The entertainer confirmed that she's been receiving cosmetic enhancements since age 19 and is ready to stop incorporating it into her life. During a recent interview with Jason Lee from Hollywood Unlocked, Blac Chyna confirmed she's also practicing sobriety and working on herself.

Blac Chyna is clearly concerned with suffering from complications that can arise from cosmetic procedures. While headed to her post-operation appointment for the removal of her butt implants, she stated the following on her live video, "And it's crazy because you hear these stories all the time of people-and even like other celebrities that came out and said hey, I got butt shots, and this happened to my body, and in some cases they had to actually like remove the whole gluteus maximus. So, thank god that I didn't have to go through that, and he was able to pull out as much as he could...I wanna grow old with my kids. I don't want to be deceased, I want to be with my kids and have grandkids. I want to further my career-other things that I'm doing; I just really feel like this is holding me back...Like, we have one body, y'all; it's not that deep! If it's not coming from a certified doctor, surgeon, just don't even do it, don't do it!"

Screenshot/Night & Day Network via YouTube

Chyna's doctor, Dr. Matlock, compared illegal cosmetic procedures to playing Russian Roulette during her appointment. Dr. Matlock emphasized how easy it is to become disfigured or die from receiving illegal services from non-medical professionals. Her doctor explained, "they're not medical people, they're just somebody who is out there doing these things. They're going to the hardware store; they're getting illegal products that they are using for construction."

Watch Chyna and Dr. Matlock here. Stay tuned for more updates on Blac Chyna's body transformation.



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