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Blac Chyna Continues Her Journey to Reinvention with Her Children at the 'I Love Myself Festival' in Los Angeles

Blac Chyna celebrated with her children, Dream and King Cairo, while being honored at the I Love Myself Festival in Los Angeles! Chyna has been working hard to turn a new leaf while becoming a born-again Christian. Last year, she announced she'd be deactivating her OnlyFans account, calling the online platform "a dead end."

Chyna is sharing her journey of evolution with fans on social media—she documents her steps toward reinvention with personal videos. Last year, the Washington D.C. native revealed her plans to have all negative and demonic things removed from her body, such as implants and tattoos. One of her first videos showed the socialite at a visit to her plastic surgeon while he removed her facial fillers. Chyna expressed her concern about women getting implants in an Instagram video; she said, "I just want all the ladies out there to know, do not get silicone shots because you can get sick, you can die, have complications and all this other crazy stuff," The former reality show star said she was 19 years old when she received her initial silicone shots.

In another video, Chyna visited Clear Out Ink in preparation to have her infamous Baphomet tattoo removed (see the video here). She wrote a lengthy message about the Baphomet symbol on Instagram: "Thank you God, for saving me. 🙏🏽 Removing this Baphomet tattoo. I'm sending all this energy back to the owner." She continued:

FULL NAME: Baphomet

ALIAS: Satan, The Devil, Mahomet, Bafumarias, Samael, Lilith, Goat of Mendes, Sabbatic Goat, Goat of Lust, Azazel Goat

ORIGIN: Demonology

OCCUPATION: Goat-headed demon spirit, POWERS SKILLS, Black magic, Spiritual physiology, Vast dark powers, Immortality, Umbrakinesis, Possession, Reality-warping, Telekinesis, Corruption, Telepathy, Mind control, Necromancy, Intelligence on evil

GOALS: Create and spread chaos, Abuse and torment his victims, CRIMES, Malefic, Conspiracy, Spiritual corruption, Brainwashing


Symbolic Corrupter 

During an interview with Jason Lee, Chyna talked about her personal growth, sobriety, and her desire to set an excellent example for her children. She explained, "I don't do OnlyFans anymore—I don't do it anymore at all." She continued, "I'm just changing everything about me—"It's a dead end. All that stuff is a dead end, and I know that I'm worth way more than that."

Chyna broke into reality television after working as an exotic dancer. She shares a son with the rapper Tyga and a daughter with Robert Kardashian Jr.

Before starting her journey of self-improvement, Chyna sued the Kardashian family, including Rob, his mother Kris Jenner, and sisters Kim Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian, for $100 million in loss of earnings. She alleges that the family used their connections to destroy her relationship with the E! network, which decided against renewing Chyna's reality show. She starred in "Rob & Chyna" and "The Real Blac Chyna."

She shared her sentiments about being recognized at the "I Love Myself Festival," where she's obviously thankful for how her life is unfolding, "Thank you so much to the city of Los Angeles for the incredible honor at the 'I Love Myself Festival.' This was such a special moment for me, and I am deeply grateful for the recognition. God has truly been showing out in my life, and I am filled with joy and gratitude."

Chyna is currently operates a salon/beauty bar, a lash company, and a fitness brand, among other business ventures.

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