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Biker Smashed Woman's Rear Car Window & Pulled Gun While Her Two Children Were in the Back Seat

Nikki Bullock. Screenshot/NBC 10 Philadelphia

A biker gang member in Philadelphia smashed in 23-year-old Nikki Bullock's back car window on the highway while her children were in the back seat. An onlooker filmed the incident that happened near Philadelphia's city hall and shared it on social media. The video shows the biker smashing in Nikki's rear window by jumping on her car with both feet, then shows her exiting her vehicle to confront the motorcyclist. The unidentified man can be seen walking into Nikki's personal space, swinging at her, and pulling a gun on the mother of two.

While speaking to NBC Philadelphia, Nikki stated that the biker wasn't paying attention and ran into her vehicle before the conflict ensued; she said, "he jumped up there with two feet, so then he was like, went through." (The video shows the motorcyclist pulling a gun on her). Here's her response, "It was a little gun, and at that point, my windshield was broken, so what was he going to do to me for real? The 23-year-old mother is seeking justice for this incident; "I'm grateful that my kids are ok. There's not a scratch on them.

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*Story Update: According to Patch, "The suspect, whom authorities did not identify, was taken into custody overnight, Deputy Commissioner Frank Vanore said in a social media post. "SIG & Major Crimes Detectives have made an arrest overnight in the assault/vandalism that occurred on Sunday in Center City, involving the male on the motorcycle," Vanore's post read. "Great tips from public and some outstanding detective work."



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