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Beyonce's LGBTQ Fans Are Upset That She Performed in Dubai an Anti-Same Sex Relationship City

Some of Beyonce's LGBTQ fans are upset that Queen Bey performed in Dubai at the opening of the Atlantis Royal hotel. Over time, the superstar has expressed her regard for the LGBTQ community and even dedicated her album 'Renaissance' to her beloved and late uncle Johnny, who was a gay man that designed clothes for her before he died from HIV.

Therefore, some of her LGBTQ fans are disappointed that she chose to perform in a city that legally and morally forbids same-sex relationships. Journalist Abigail Firth told BBC the concert was "a misguided choice by Beyoncé whose work is indebted to LGBT culture. She's obviously a multimillionaire anyway. She didn't really need to do this. She didn't really need the money!"

Kitty Scott-Claus from RuPaul's Drag Race show spoke about the controversy via Twitter by saying, "Hi I have a question.. Can someone explain why everyone was cancelling David Beckham the other month but now celebrating Beyoncé for performing in Dubai? One rule for one and one for another?"

Her father and former manager, Matthew Knowles, defended the star's performance, explaining to TMZ that the star has always been inclusive and doesn't intentionally hurt others. Matthew felt the performance drew in a diverse crowd.

Beyoncé reportedly headlined the event for $24 million while her daughter Blue Ivy accompanied her onstage. The Houston native is said to have worn roughly $8 million in Lorraine Schwartz diamonds while performing.

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