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Beyoncé Congratulates Coach Dawn Staley & the Gamecocks with Flowers and Merchandise for Their NCAA Championship Win!

Dawn Staley/Instagram

Beyoncé's gesture of congratulating Coach Dawn Staley and the Lady Gamecocks on their NCAA championship win with flowers, merchandise, and a handwritten card is a significant moment. She shared that the Carter family has been following and cheering for the Gamecocks all season, adding a touch of star power to their victory. 

Coach Staley read the card aloud for her followers while playing the singer's new song "Texas Hold' Em" in the background; she shared Bey's message, "To Coach Staley and the entire South Carolina Gamecocks: Me and my family watched your games and cheered you on through the entire season. I'm so proud of you." Coach Staley's reaction to Beyoncé's message was one of pure joy and gratitude. She couldn't contain her excitement, exclaiming, 'That's Bey! Bey and her family!' She went on to express her gratitude, saying, 'Yes, Mr. Carter. Yes, Blue, you did your thing, Blue, Sir and Rumi. Bey, thank you. We appreciate you. We're honored to wear your gear.' This heartfelt response was shared with her social media followers, further spreading the joy of the Gamecocks' victory.

Coach Staley's journey to this championship win has been a testament to her resilience and the team's growth. A former NCAA college basketball star, WNBA player, ABL player, European league player, and Olympic Gold medalist, Staley led the Gamecocks to their third NCAA championship this year. After a tough loss to Iowa in 2023 during the final four, Staley attributed this season's win to God, showing her team "uncommon favor." Her coaching career, which began at Temple University before moving to South Carolinashe led Temple to six NCAA tournaments. Coach Staley is the only person to win the Naismith Award as a coach and player. This season, Staley won The Associated Press women's college basketball Coach of the Year award for the second time. Job well done, Dawn! (Coach Staley shows off her Beyoncé merchandise below!)

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