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Alec Baldwin Charged With Halyna Hutchins' Death: Will Not Face Charges for the Director's Injury

Actor Alec Baldwin is charged with involuntary manslaughter for accidentally shooting and killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the movie set for 'Rust' in 2021. Although the bullet that fatally wounded Halyna also struck the director Joel Souza in the arm, Baldwin will not face any charges for Joel's injury. (Halyna is pictured below. Photo credit Getty Images).

The movie's production team was fined $139,793 by the New Mexico Occupational Health and Safety Bureau and Environmental Department for having a loaded firearm on the set. Another film team member, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, is facing the same charges as Baldwin because she worked with the guns on the movie set and was also responsible for ensuring that no firearms were loaded with real ammunition. Live ammunition is not allowed on movie sets. Assistant Director David Halls was also charged with negligent use of a deadly weapon in this case.

Baldwin's attorney, Luke Nikas, made the following statements about the case "The prosecutors' decision is a terrible miscarriage of justice. "Mr. Baldwin had no reason to believe there was a live bullet in the gun – or anywhere on the movie set. He relied on the professionals with whom he worked, who assured him the gun did not have live rounds. We will fight these charges, and we will win." Baldwin and Gutierrez-Reed face up to five years in prison if found guilty.

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