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A Body Found In a Burning SUV In Florida, Rumored to Be a Rapper Associated with Popular Rap Star


A body found inside a burning Mercedes SUV in Pompano Beach, Florida, is rumored to be the remains of rapper Kodak Black's former artist, 26 Ceejay. The artist's Instagram page is filled with "RIP" and condolences from online users. However, no official reports from his family or authorities have confirmed his identity. When the crime was discovered on March 28th, authorities said they could not determine if the body belonged to a male or female.

An unidentified resident who lived by the crime scene told WSVN-TV he heard gunshots around 6:00 AM and saw a person running away from the SUV. Soon after, he saw the vehicle and a nearby dumpster on fire. A gas can was recovered from the crime scene. The Pompano Beach authorities ask for the public’s assistance with this investigation.

This story will be updated.



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