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50 Cent Includes 'The Shade Room' Blog in Lawsuit For a Story About Him Having a Penile Enhancement

50 Cent is reportedly suing The Shade Room blog and Miami surgeon Angela Kogan for giving the impression that he had penile enhancement surgery.

The rapper believes that the surgeon from Perfection Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa in Miami requested a picture with him so she could post it online, specifically to give the impression that he received a penis enlargement from her clinic. 'The Shade Room' published a story that encouraged its followers to believe he'd received that service from Dr. Kogan.

50 Cent contends that the story subjected him to personal and professional ridicule and damage. He's suing for millions of dollars. Dr. Kogan's attorney is reportedly trying to dismiss the lawsuit, as she never publicly spoke of what services she provided him. (50 Cent and Dr. Kogan are pictured above-photo provided by Instagram/Perfection Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa)

Stay tuned for later news.

Main Photo Credit: Google Images


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