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50 Cent Hits Radio Personality Bryhana Monegain in the Head With His Mic at Los Angeles Concert

50 Cent (Instagram)

50 Cent allegedly hit Power 106's radio personality, Bryhana Monegain, in the face with his microphone at his Los Angeles concert. 50 Cent's attorney, Scott Leemon, explained the situation to Entertainment Weekly, "Let's be very clear, as I told LAPD this afternoon, my client Curtis would never intentionally strike anyone with a microphone," he said. "Anyone saying something different doesn't have all the facts and is misinformed."

Nevertheless, according to EW, Bryhana filed a police report with the LA Police Department. Multiple sources claimed that the New York rapper threw the mic in the crowd out of anger after he was given two microphones that didn't work. His intentions were never to hit any of his fans. EW stated that live footage from the concert showed him throwing the mic into the production area, where Power 106's host, Bryhana, stood. TMZ reportedly received the photos of the alleged victim's face, which shows a laceration in her forehead.

Bryhana Monegain. Photo (TMZ)

50's current tour (Final Lap) is reportedly in a 20-year international celebration tour in honor of his debut album, Get Rich or Die Trying, which went 6x platinum in 2003. His debut single from the album "In Da Club," was highly successful and constantly resurges in the entertainment industry. In 2020, Billboard reported that "In Da Club" reached 1 billion YouTube views.

The Game, 50 Cent's former artist and archenemy, lashed out at the rapper on social media for throwing the mic and striking an audience member; he stated, "yo fat ass came to LA hittin women." The two artists have intensely disliked each other since ending their musical relationship.

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