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Will Concealed Weapons Be the Best Way to Save Students & the Public from Mass Shooters?

Last month, America had three broadly publicized mass shootings, totaling a death count of 32 people: ten in Buffalo, New York, 21 in Uvalde, Texas, and one person in Laguna Woods, California. Some Americans are now cautious about attending school, their place of worship, or regular activities out of fear of a mass shooting.

According to Business Insider, The Gun Violence Archive has counted 214 mass shootings in the United States this year. Our nation reportedly leads in mass shootings worldwide. Law enforcement typically doesn't stop or deter mass shooters; they often arrive to see the aftermath. Therefore, some Americans feel that concealed weapons will be the only proper protection in schools and places of worship.

Allegedly, while Salvador Ramos shot up Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, local law enforcement was ordered by the school district's chief of police, Pedro "Pete" Arredondo, to stand down until backup arrived. After about an hour, Texas border patrol agents arrived and killed the gunman. Many townspeople are enraged by this information.

The situation in Uvalde raised the crucial question: Would the outcome have been different if staff members were armed? America can't afford any more mass shootings, especially school shootings. Where does our nation go from here?

(Pictured above is a memorial for Dr. John Cheng who was killed at the Laguna Hills, CA church shooting)

Photo & Video Credits: Shutterstock, Mike Blake/Reuters and ABC News


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