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Travelers Can Live on a Cruise Ship For 30K Per Year, Tour The World And Visit Every Continent

Life at Sea Cruises will allow travelers to cruise for $30,000 per year for up to three years. The cruise will set sail this November in Istanbul, covering a total of 130,000 miles. According to an advertisement, travelers will "visit 375 Destinations, 6 Equator Crossings to all 7 Continents and 135 Countries. Over 100 Tropical Islands to explore and Countless Hills to climb, the opportunities to explore are truly endless!" Travelers will be able to visit some of the "wonders" of the world and historical monuments and sights, such as Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer statue, Egypt's pyramids of Giza, and the Great Wall of China.

The Great Sphinx and a pyramid of Giza. Photo/Encyclopedia Britannica

This cruise ship will perhaps be one of the cheapest forms of housing in today's economy and is ideal for a person who can work remotely. The cruise ship will have all-included meals and drinks, wash and fold laundry services, and unlimited amenities. Family and friends can visit a guest's cabin for free; however, they must pay port taxes and applicable fees. Unfortunately, dog owners will not be allowed to house their pets onboard. The MV Gemini ship can house up to roughly 1,000 travelers. For more information, visit



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