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Teenage Lyft Passenger Jumped Out of Moving Vehicle to Prevent Being Harmed by the Driver

17-year-old Eziya Bolden of Raleigh, North Carolina, feared for her safety and jumped out of a moving vehicle while catching a ride from Lyft after work.

Eziya said the male driver quickly started making her uncomfortable with inappropriate comments once she got in the vehicle. According to WTVD News, the driver sprayed a fragrance that made her feel "dizzy and warm," prompting her to make a split decision to jump out of the vehicle while it was in motion. The teenager was hospitalized and fortunately did not suffer any life-threatening injuries. Although Lyft is cooperating with local authorities and has removed the driver from their platform, the teen says that doesn't ease her worries and she will probably never use a ride-share service again.

There has been increased violence, abductions, sexual assaults, and murders against mostly females who use ride-share services. According to the New York Times, Uber reported that 3,824 sexual assaults happened on its platform in 2019 & 2020. As of September 2022, Lyft is facing 17 new lawsuits from customers who were physically and or sexually assaulted by their drivers.

We're thankful for Eziya's safety. Please stay safe, everyone.

Photo Credits: WTVD News



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