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Redman Tells Fans To Research Microdosing with Mushrooms & Research Says There Are Real Benefits

Research shows that there are benefits to microdosing with mushrooms. In a fun social media outtake on Instagram, the rapper Redman encourages everyone to do the research for themselves!

Nevertheless, Redman is on to something because it has been discovered that microdosing with mushrooms has benefits. Supposedly, the microdose doesn't allow the brain to hallucinate from the mushrooms' psychedelics because the quantity is so tiny. However, it instead opens up the brain, spikes creativity, alters moods and thought patterns; and helps with depression by working as an anti-depressant or happy pill.

Like the legal marijuana boom, several investors are starting to form companies that offer mushroom products for health benefits and recreational use. The former legendary reggae singer Bob Marley's family has a mushroom product called Marley One that includes several medicinal products made out of mushrooms that comes in liquid form.

Will microdosing eventually be capable of replacing anti-depressant drugs? Only time will tell.

Photo Credit: Redman/@redmangilla (Instagram)



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