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Pulitzer Prize Winner Nikole Hannah-Jones Is Continuously Trending!

When rapper Nas spit the verse "most critically acclaimed Pulitzer Prize winner" on his track "Hate Me Now," we had no idea that a little more than 20 years later, those very words would be 100 percent applicable to Nikole Hannah-Jones' career.

In 2020 Hannah-Jones, who writes for the New York Times, won the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary for her book, "The 1619 Project." Since then, she has been trending non-stop.

This summer, Hannah-Jones was offered a non-tenured position at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The offer encountered heavy criticism from the media. Although the university later reversed its decision and offered Hannah-Jones a tenured position, she declined the offer.

During an interview with "CBS This Morning," Hannah-Jones stated, "It's not my job to heal the University of North Carolina." "That's the job of the people in power who created this situation in the first place." She later accepted a tenured position with Howard University.

Hannah-Jones is moving forward with her plans. In her hometown of Waterloo, Iowa, she has created the 1619 Freedom School after-school program with the express purpose of encouraging Black youth to become personally empowered and liberated. While appearing as a guest speaker on various platforms, the demand for Hannah-Jones has skyrocketed through the roof! As of late, she's graced the cover of Essence Magazine and was named one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People for 2021.

Now that's what we call Black Girl Magic!

Photo Credit: Nikole Hannah-Jones



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