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'Paid in Full 2' Will Use Alpo Martinez's Character, but Alpo Wasn't Involved with His Depiction

Shortly after Alpo Martinez's death, this past Halloween, Damon Dash announced that his death provided an ending for 'Paid in Full 2.'

Per his comments to 'Page Six,' "Paid in Full is a reflection of everything I've learned, and I am really going to see it through now that there's an ending," Dash said. "So this is going to dramatically change based on what happened Sunday(Oct. 31). "I was stuck on how to really approach it, and this is actually giving me more clarity."

The sequel will use Alpo Martinez's character, but supposedly he had no involvement with the film before he died. Since his release from prison, Alpo followers anticipated the release of a project about his life that he oversaw.

Although he had an extremely checkered past, many people positively encountered him and wanted him to speak his truths.

Stay tuned…

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