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Mexican Cartel Reportedly Apologized for the Deaths of the Two U.S. Travelers in Matamoros


An alleged apology letter from the Mexican cartel responsible for the deaths of two United States travelers has surfaced online. The Gulf Cartel reportedly turned in five members of its group to law enforcement and apologized for the kidnappings and killings of Zindell Brown and Shaeed Williams, saying their deaths were mistakes. The cartel asks for forgiveness, as the travelers were "civilians" who traveled to Matamoros with LaTavia McGee for her cosmetic surgery. Another innocent bystander, a Mexican woman, was also killed by gunfire. The letter reportedly apologized for her death too.

The letter that was allegedly written by the cartel

Authorities are still investigating the situation, as the incident is very confusing. Per CNN, the cartel may have mistaken the group of friends as Haitian drug smugglers. The bodies of Zindell Brown and Shaeed Williams were returned to the United States.

This story is still developing.

An alleged photo of the cartel members who were turned over to law enforcement



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