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Jhené Aiko & Big Sean Are Being Stalked Judge Allegedly Denied Their Protection Order

Big Sean & Jhene’ Aiko. Photo (Instagram)

Jhene' Aiko and Big Sean reportedly filed for a restraining order against a stalker who has been to their residence and events. According to Yahoo, "On Monday, Aiko filed a restraining order against 29-year-old Ian Craig Lees, who has allegedly been stalking her family home. In the court documents, Aiko said Lees is determined to make contact with the singer and has even breached the gated community security station. The Chilombo artist has reported to be in fear for her life due to Lee's actions."

According to Bossip, The "Bed Peace" singer also included screenshots of social media posts the man allegedly made that show him calling her a "cold a** b****." The post had a photo of the singer along with the caption, "Ungrateful C****. Ignorant force of Evil." Nevertheless, the judge reportedly denied the couple's request for a temporary restraining order for unreported reasons. Bossip also reported that "Per the court documents, the alleged stalker was said to be charged with one count of stalking and one count of burglary. Lees was reportedly arrested Aug. 18 and has yet to be released. His bond was set at $150,000 and his next hearing date is scheduled Sept. 6. A hearing was set for Sept. 14 where she can argue for a permanent order."

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