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J. Cole Apologizes to Kendrick Lamar for Disrespecting Him in New Song "7 Minute Drill" at the Dreamville Festival

J. Cole/Screenshot/YouTube

J. Cole apologized to Kendrick Lamar at the Dreamville Festival for dissing him on his new song "7 Minute Drill," which he released on his latest project, Might Delete Later. The diss reportedly resulted from Kendrick rejecting J. Cole's belief that he, Kendrick, and Drake make up the "Big Three" in rap music. Lamar, a Pulitzer Prize-winning rapper, said there's no big three, "it's just big me," on the track "Like That." His response prompted Cole to release "7 Minute Drill." 

Yet, Cole shared his regret with the festival's audience, telling his fans that his decision to release that track didn't sit well with him spiritually. He told the festival attendees that "7 Minute Drill" downplayed Kendrick's catalog of music; he said, "Trying to find a little angle, and downplay this catalog and his greatness." Cole also contends that he will either revise the song or delete it altogether from streaming platforms. He said, "The past two days felt terrible." 

Cole recently returned to the music scene after his last musical release, "The Off-Season," in 2021. The North Carolina rapper exploded onto the rap scene in 2011 with his debut album Cole World. He's won two Grammys and other accolades for being a popular and semi-conscious rapper. 

Lamar, who also goes by the pseudonym pgLang, keeps a relatively low profile despite his success. The 16-time Grammy award winner has not yet responded to Cole's apology. 

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