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Former Beyoncé Fan Turned Pastor Said Bey Is a Witch & Warns Church About Going to Her Concerts

A former Beyoncé fan, Pastor Tiphani Montgomery, recently implied Beyoncé is a witch and that Christians should not attend her concerts! (Beyoncé is pictured below/photo by Getty Images).

During her recent sermon, she said the following about Beyoncé and Jay-Z: "Why you think that man call himself Jay-Hova? It was short for Jehova....When a witch has a coven, it's normally a small thing. Witch's covens are normally 3-7 people. When it becomes thousands, it's called a hive. Y'all a part of that lady beehive? And you call yourself a Christian?...You think you not going to that lady's concert is not an initiation?...That entire concert is a gate!"

The pastor, who is also the CEO of the Millions Conference, has the following message on her Instagram, "NO CHRISTIAN SHOULD BE GOING TO BEYONCÉ CONCERT!!!" Social media users reminded her of her old posts about going to Jay-Z and Beyoncé's concerts. The pastor defended her position by stating she became saved in 2015 after making one of her last posts about the entertainers in 2014. Beyoncé's former bandmate from Destiny's Child, Michelle Williams responded to the criticism with the following comment, "I just wish we would pray as publicly for entertainers…As we rebuke them and damn their souls to Hell."

As the old saying goes, you can't please everybody all the time.

Photo Credits: Beyoncé and Tiphani Montgomery



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