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Eat Clean: Vegan Master-Gardener RayVynn Raylynn Uses Nature for All She Can!

Master-Gardener, RayVynn Raylynn is one of the few people that's continuously successful at reinventing herself! Years ago, she caught the attention of the scouts for America's Next Top Model tv show and went through the selection process to be a contestant. Since then, she's happily tried her hand at many new endeavors.

She's truly a brilliant and fun creative who dabbles in pageants, arts, music, science, fitness, and health. Yet, the most exciting version of RayVynn is the beautiful vegan gardener she's transformed into, who focuses on self-care and uses nature for all she can. She explained, "I'm loving the movement of people loving themselves!"

After turning vegan, she believes that the body isn't meant to digest meat and animal products, only fruits and vegetables. Raylynn explained that people think you'll be hungry if you don't eat meat, but when she gets hungry, she just increases her servings of fruits or veggies, just as you would increase your intake of other foods if you're not vegan.

RayVynn even relied on her vegan health system to stay healthy and flush out her body during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. The gardener serviced many customers with her sea moss and liquid meal replacements products during this period. RayVynn also makes a variety of natural soaps and nearly any natural product that's requested, even for specific ailments. She's a walking book of knowledge and feels that the body is capable of healing itself with the proper diet.

As of now, she's doing a complete brand, product, and inventory overhaul; stay tuned for the reintroduction of her brand and products.

Love and light!

Photos: Joshua Mitchell/@jolemiproductions (Instagram)


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