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Boxer Gervonta Davis Converts to Islam After Buying Properties in His Old Baltimore Neighborhood

Gervonta Davis. Photo/Instagram

Boxer Gervonta "Tank" Davis converted to Islam on Christmas Eve at the Masjid Al-Hidaayah mosque in the Baltimore area, changing his name to Abdul Wahid, which means the servant of "the one," the one being God. Imam Hassan Abdi, who performed the ceremony, gave glowing remarks about the boxer to The Baltimore Banner: "The humility I get from him — and I was surprised meeting him, because I knew who he was, but I wasn't familiar to what extent — he was a very down-to-earth person," Abdi said in an interview with The Baltimore Banner. "The conversation was about being the best version of what we can be as human beings." Davis appeared to be very happy with the service. 

The undefeated boxer has been making positive changes lately. He recently bought a nine-house block in his childhood neighborhood of Sandtown-Winchester, according to talkSport. Per talkSport, the champ stated, "I feel as though when I was coming up, we didn't have somebody to be hands-on with us." According to The Baltimore Banner, Davis believes the key to improving the city as a whole is by investing in its youth. Tank's generous donation will lead to renovations starting with the vacant building at 1542 North Woodyear Street. "Tank, when he goes around the world, he literally carries the city of Baltimore on his back," Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby said at a press conference with Gervonta in attendance. 

Abdi, who appears to be elated by the champ's decision to rehab properties in his old community, also told the Baltimore Banner, "At heart, he's a good person, and I think he wants more. I think he wants more for himself, which is good," Abdi said. "Him investing in the area, buying a block and trying to improve it for the residents there, I think all of that may be also an influence to hear something different. Islam, and I was telling him, religion makes us the best version of who we are, to be better human beings. We believe in one God and we worship him alone, and that brings accountability and responsibility for ourselves, and also trying to help others. And I think it resonated with him."

Unfortunately, some of the properties he purchased were set on fire hours after he bought them. There are no details as to who set the properties ablaze. Yet, local firefighters were reportedly able to stop extensive damage. The 29-0 champ reportedly still plans to move forward with the renovation project. 

Good luck to Gervonta in all he does!

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