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August Alsina Assaulted by Tory Lanez in Chicago While on Tour After Recently Overcoming Paralysis

August Alsina stated via Instagram that Tory Lanez and several members of Tory's security physically attacked him at a Chicago tour stop for the 'The Fall Back In Love Comedy & Music Jam' tour that both artists were a part of. As a result, Tory is now reportedly kicked off the tour.

According to August's post, he never met Tory until the night he assaulted him. August said that Lanez took his lack of interaction with him on tour as disrespect. Alsina said his doctor ordered him to avoid as much human contact as possible while performing because he has a weakened immune system. He's suffered many health conditions over the years, including a recent recovery from paralysis.

The tour creator, Rip Michaels, released a video explaining that the tour's purpose is to create good vibes and that anyone who decides to interrupt the peace will not continue to perform!

Photo Credit: Wire Image/Joseph Okpako


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